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内田亜里(うちだあり UCHIDA ALI)写真家


2001年東京造形大学デザイン1類写真コース卒業 2006年文化庁新進芸術家国内研修員(東京藝術大学写真センター)2012年公益財団法人ポーラ美術振興財団在外研修員として渡印(ゴム印画の研究)2017年公益財団法人テルモ生命科学芸術財団助成(日本画材料による写真古典技法の研究) 2020年個展「葬る山、斎く島」(鎌倉ドゥローイングギャラリー)2022年グループ展「縄文へのオマージュ」(ギャラリーTOM)、グループ展「伝えたい情景―木版画家・山岸主計と現代作家たち」(藤沢市アートスペース)、

個展「風景のディアスポラを撮る 済州島、壱岐・対馬、そして長崎」(ギャラリー册) ほか多数

2023年Reminders Photography Stronghold主催「Le Plac Art Photoに作品をピッチする日」大賞受賞

Ali uchida


Ali Uchida was born in Tokyo in 1978. She graduated from Tokyo Zokei University and studied the large scale printing technique at the Tokyo University of the Arts Photography Center as a domestic trainee of the Upcoming Artists of the Agency for Cultural Affairs. Later, as an overseas trainee of the Pola Art Foundation, she studied the gum print process, a alternative photographic technique, in Goa, India. In recent years, she has received research assistance from the Terumo Life Science Foundation, researched alternative photographic techniques using materials for Japanese painting, and has been engaged in daily research and production to further improve her works.

She has held exhibitions in Japan and abroad such as "On an Isolated Island" (2019 Musee F, Tokyo.) and "Mountain of the Dead and the Holy Island” (2020 Kamakura Drawing Gallery,Kanagawa.). For nearly 10 years, she has been doing fieldwork on the history of Tsushima, Nagasaki Prefecture in Japan, taking pictures of the scenery with a film camera. In recent years, she has released several platinum prints that incorporate Japanese painting techniques. 

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